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Covering topics from Cryptocurrency to NFT, Metaverse, Equities & even Property investment.

We invite subject matter experts/guests to share their views.

Whatever your level of understanding is of Investing, these live talks will present to you a broad spectrum of views from the individual perspective of our esteemed speakers & guests.

Bitcoin Big Bottom

Bitcoin... Here is the bottom.. Final Crypto Dump?

We thought that the worst was behind us after Luna & 3AC sagas. One black swan is crazy. But three in the same year? Perhaps the first time.

FTX’s balance sheets started to come to light. FTX’s exchange token, FTT, began to crash in response.

Real question is: what opportunities to we have? Is it time to buy? -

Future Proof Your Child With NFT

There are already NFT platforms like Zigazoo targeting children.

Some concerns for parents:

😭Accidentally costing parents' a fortune when children play online games.

😭Should children be taught to spend money to make money?

😭Should they be encouraged to seek value in art rather than create art for the love of art?


❤It would only be sensible & practical to teach children about the dos and don'ts of Web 3, cryptocurrency and NFTs.


✔Understand how your children can learn what the future of the internet looks like and how to use it safely.


✔How your children can learn to code - which has proven scientifically to develop spatial and cognitive skills that help kids excel in academics.


✔Let your children create their Own NFT Collection With Python (coding).

Crypto 101 - Consumers Guide To Crypto

"Uncover the reasons why you should NOT invest in Crypto."

You have heard about cryptocurrency and think that you should invest in it because it is a sure-fire way to make a lot of money.

Problem: You are going to invest the enormous amounts of money without doing any research.

Join our live stream to get your questions answered and everyday Crypto investors out there will answer your questions during the event.

OIO X Cryptolearn SG Fireside Chat

Vanessa & I were being laughed at...

"How could something (gold) that is perceived as 'safe', 'stable' and tangible be compared to Crypto? Hahahaha..."

Join special guests Sean Seah (Asia's Buffetologist), Rudy Lim (CEO OIO Singapore), Vanessa Tiara Tay (Actress in 'Ah Girls Go Army') & Leslie in this special fireside chat.

International Women's Day Special

Only 26% of current Crypto holders are women.

However there are more women than men interested in getting into Crypto soon: women make up 53% of the “Crypto curious” - according to a report by Gemini.

What could be stopping more women to be involved?

Let's hear from our special guest Shannon, who is an avid Crypto investor herself.

The Most Accurate Inverse Indicator in Stock Market?

Difficult to time the stock market?

Always one step behind the market?

Always too slow to react before something happens?

Warren Buffett talked about this indicator.

And this golden indicator has helped me avoid huge losses and made huge profits over time.

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