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Crypto Watch Episode #16

29 May 2022

NFT ALPHA GROUP - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

With the rise of NFT, there has been a lot NFT groups being formed to make calls and help the NFT communities to potentially make some rice (profit)

Join "The NFT Hunter" to understand what exactly is NFT Alpha Group and how do they work ?

We will find out if people actually make good profit from the NFT Alpha calls...

Crypto Watch Episode #15

22 May 2022

Gold as Hedge for Economic Recession?

If you want to know more on whether Gold presents good opportunities during this period of market turbulence and volatility, don’t forget to join me, The Trade Engineer (TTE) LIVE later at 930pm, as I would delve into my perspective for the outlook of Gold!

Additionally, as always, we would take a closer look into Bitcoin for this week. How has Bitcoin performed and what should we be watching out next for Bitcoin in the near future?

Crypto Watch Episode #14

15 May 2022

Terra Luna Crashed Below 1 Cent

Cryptocurrency was all over the news this week, triggered by the collapse of one of the world’s largest stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) and sending its sister token, Luna, crashing to close to zero value.

What’s next with this development? Is this the end of cryptocurrency or is there opportunity in the midst of all this market volatility?

Crypto Watch Episode #13

08 May 2022

The Fed has just made its biggest interest rate hike in 22 years last week.

How would that impact your stock and Crypto holdings?

What’s next to look out for after a volatile week?

To know what to watch in the near future and possibly grab this opportunity to make some quick gains from the market, tune in to this week Crypto Watch.

Crypto Watch Episode #12

01 May 2022

Is Crypto is correlated to the U.S stock market?

Since my sharing last week, the critical indicator that I pointed out has broken down. I shared my bearish view if that happens, and since then, the S&P500 has corrected down by around 140 points, or around 3% for the week.

Crypto Watch Episode #11

24 April 2022

Would Bitcoin mirror the movement of US stocks?

Don’t forget that the movement of Bitcoin would typically influence similar movements in other crypto coins to a large extent! As such, knowing the movement of Bitcoin would help you understand what would happen to the overall crypto market!

Crypto Watch Episode #10

17 April 2022

Is Bitcoin going to run soon? Or is it going to break down further?

On 20 Mar 2022, I shared that Bitcoin could be poised for some upside, and it gained 9% in just 5 days!

Likewise, on 27 Mar 2022, I shared that there could be further upside, and it gained 6% in just one day!

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